9 best and best desktop search engine software for your Windows computer


Search engines have made our lives easier, not only on the Internet but also in various spheres of life. Finding files on the computer’s local file system can sometimes be just as complicated, and in such cases, desktop search tools can be very helpful. But is the desktop search tool that comes with Windows or Linux effective enough! Yes it is. But you cannot search for files with many criteria other than Common Criteria which includes a search filter with size, file type, file location, and ultimately file name. Also, the default Windows search tool can be slow at times, but is improving nonetheless. Although there may be a few more search filters, but in many cases they are not always enough. That being said, you can even download a number of desktop search software, which are more efficient than the default search tool, which is provided as a free add-on, on your Windows operating system.

From time to time, users may need to search files or find relevant items, and in such cases the search tool, which comes with Windows, is not efficient enough, and the search tools third-party desktop can come to the rescue. But how many Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 desktop search is available! There are a lot of them, and to make it easier for you, I’ve brought in the best desktop search engines, ignoring the less efficient ones, to make your digital life easier, if you want to do a lot of research on your desktop. Without further ado, let’s find the list of the best desktop search engine software.

  • All
  • grepWin
  • Google desktop
  • Copernicus office search
  • To concern
  • Listing
  • Exselo office
  • Locate32
  • Default search on the Windows desktop

All Desktop Search is one of the best free desktop search engines you can download to find almost anything and do its name justice at the same time. The user interface is quite simple, and you can start using it, without having to invest a lot of time in learning how to use it. Yes, the latest version of Search Everything is that easy. With the help of Search All administrator privileges, you can search the entire system, which is also very convenient. The 32-bit version of Everything Finder is very small and will hardly take up any space on your hard drive and RAM after installation. After downloading Everything search, it will index your entire system to give you the most relevant results for your search, and that too in the shortest possible time.

grepwin desktop search software for windows

If you are a Linux user, you should be familiar with the grep command in Linux, which offers a well-organized way to find things on it. The grepWin is a search tool, which can give you a number of options to narrow down your search results, once you are looking for a particular thing. From finding files to finding something in the content, you can do almost anything with grepWin. You can even replace the contents of any text file with something new, which is another great feature of grepWin, and it’s something that is not available for most other search tools in desktop, which are available for Windows.

Free Copernic Desktop Search Engine for Windows 10

Copernicus is one of the most popular names when it comes to the list of the most popular desktop search engines. Copernic Desktop Search 7 is the latest version of the software and offers a beautiful user interface that is very convenient for novice users. However, there are plenty of Copernicus desktop search alternatives out there, but not perfect like this. Moreover, if you are looking for the best Google 2017 or 2018 desktop alternative, Copernicus search engine for desktop is the way to go. Copernic Desktop Search can also search the web for items other than your local hard drive search. However, it is not the perfect alternative for Google’s web search, and it also cannot search the web for your personal files, but it can come in handy for things, for some programs, which you need quickly, but which you cannot find on your hard drive. You can even download Copernic Desktop Search for free if you don’t want to use it for business or commercial purposes.

Google Desktop Search for Windows

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Google. Google Desktop Search is another great desktop search tool, which can give you the same experience of finding files on your hard drive as on the Google Desktop website. Although Google Desktop Search is no longer developed, it was one of the best search tools for a stand-alone system over the past decade. Although emptied, you can still grab the installer to install Google Desktop, to find things on your hard drive, like a pro. The tool will automatically filter the search results in many common categories like music, videos, images and many more. While the interface might look slightly different if you use it in 2018, Google’s desktop website has undergone a number of changes since 2011, when Google desktop search was last developed.

Looken excellent free desktop search software

Looken is another great desktop search software, which offers almost all kinds of solutions for finding items on your local system. Besides finding files on your local file system, Looken can also be used to find files on external hard drives and flash drives. Looken can also show you previews of many types of files, such as images, texts, and videos, and there is even an option to directly edit the contents of text files. There is a free and paid version of Looken, and if you are looking for personal uses, the free version of Looken will be ideal for you.

Listary - File Finder and App Launcher for Windows Desktop

Listary is one of the best desktop search tools, not because it offers a rich set of features, but for the minimal and simplistic user interface. Searching for something on Listary is only a piece of the cake. After opening the folder just start typing your subject and the search results will show immediately and you will get real time search results. Listary can also help you perform simple folder activities and activities on your search results, including copy and move folders, copy search results location, and many more. Besides finding your files and folders, Listary can also help you move to a different folder, just by typing the name. Listary offers a free version and a paid version. However, the free version intended for personal, non-commercial use is not going to disappoint you.

Exselo Desktop best desktop search engine software

One of the best desktop search engines today is Exselo Desktop search, which can even search your emails on Microsoft Outlook, in addition to finding your files in the cloud. So, Exselo Desktop is also one of the best Outlook search tools for Windows. Besides offering such a great feature set, another interesting aspect of Exselo Desktop search is the user-friendly interface it offers. The user interface is simple, yet powerful, and you can get almost anything you need with the simple user interface. The free version can give you all the features, and the only reason you should go for the paid or premium version is to get support for multiple users.

Locate32 desktop search

Locate32 is another of the best desktop search listings 2017, which also offers a clean user interface, making it easy to find even for novice users. Locate32 is portable so you won’t have to install it. You can start searching for items by simply entering the name of the file you want to search for. It can be configured to search for content on every keystroke, which is even useful for finding real-time search results, saving you time. There is even an option to choose the location, where to find the file or folder, which can also be useful. Locate32 is lightweight and you should start using it today if you want something better than desktop search with Windows.

Default search on the Windows desktop

Wait! Why is it here! Speaking of desktop search tools for Windows, how can we forget the default desktop search tool, which is available for Windows! Windows desktop search has improved with every new edition of Windows since Windows Vista. Before Windows Vista, we had to find the Search option on the Start menu to start looking for things. But since Windows Vista, searches can be started right from the Start menu to make things even easier. With Windows Desktop Search Windows 10, the search option is simplified and you can simultaneously search for different types of content on the local hard drive and on the web, kudos to Cortana.

Should I give you a free tip! If you don’t have the habit of forgetting the location of your files and folders every day and hour, I’m sure Ms. Cortana on Windows 10 will help keep your life as easy as ever.

There are a number of other search engines that are intended to find files on the server, find duplicate files, and many more. I ignored them from the list because they are intended for a special class of users and are intended for special purposes. The command line search tool for Linux and the ‘grep’ command are too efficient, so I didn’t keep Linux desktop search tools because most people don’t need them. .

I hope the list of desktop search software on Windows has been helpful to you. Are you in love with the default Windows search tool or are you using some other tool? Let me know in the comment section below.


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