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Recently, Apple updated the “About Applebot” help documentation section. On the support page, the company also listed information about how Apple ranks web search results. Additionally, the company has updated information regarding Applebot. For those who don’t know, Applebot is Apple’s web crawler, and products like Spotlight and Siri use Applebot. Apple said in the document that Apple Search can take up to 5 factors into account when ranking web results.

First, Apple Search takes into account aggregate user engagement with web search results.

The relevance and match of search terms to the topics and content of a web page is also determined when ranking web search results.

Apple wrote that its research takes into account the number and quality of links from other web pages on the web.

Signals based on user location and web page design characteristics have also been listed as the factors Apple Search considers to rank web search results.

The company also said that Apple’s search results may use the above-mentioned factors without (predetermined) ranking importance. So, the company claims that Apple uses user engagement with its web search results, such as click-through rate (CTR). Microsoft’s search engine Bing does this too, unlike Google. Apple Search also uses the content and topics of pages to rank search results on the web. Apple examines the links, the user’s location as well as the design features of the web page for ranking.

Apple has also significantly expanded the Applebot Details document. The company first published this document in 2015. On July 17, Justin mosebach posted on Twitter indicating that the before and after of the document has been updated. According to Mosebach, Apple updated the Applebot page last Friday. The updated page provides details about Applebot and Apple has listed the guidelines supported by Applebot. These directives include no-index, no-snippet, no-follow, none, and all. You can read the details of all these guidelines on the support page.

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