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From the next semester, students and faculty will be able to do more practical and in-depth research on the CSU Libraries website.

The new technology will integrate the resources of CSU’s libraries and allow more convenient and extensive search, according to Suzi White, Business and Systems Analyst for the Morgan Library at CSU. It will also allow CSU libraries to better manage and transfer resources to and from other libraries.

In order to implement the new system, White said CSU libraries had to temporarily deactivate the Prospector search tool because it relies on older software being replaced. Prospector provides access to over 30 million books, journals, DVDs, CDs, videos, and other materials from 44 participating libraries in Colorado and Wyoming.

The Morgan Library (Julia Trowbridge | College Student)

Currently, articles can be searched on the Colorado State University Libraries website using three primary search tools, Discovery, Sage, and Prospector. CSU Libraries are replacing the technology behind Discovery and Sage search tools and their integrated library catalog system with something different.

“We are moving to a slightly more modern system,” White said. “There are a lot of factors that affect how you access material purchased by the library. “

White said he should be up again in the next semester. During this time, students can use their Ram Card or one Poudre River Public Library District Map to access Prospector via the districts website. Items can be obtained relatively quickly this way, according to White.

Interlibrary loan and local delivery of materials from CSU libraries can also be used to get items outside of the CSU collection. If you request an interlibrary loan for a book, CSU library staff will search for the book in libraries that are part of Prospector as well as other libraries.

When it comes to searching for something in the CSU library collection, people will be able to use a new search tool called Primo, after its implementation on December 22.

Currently, the Discovery search tool searches the CSU library catalog, repository and digital collections and their website. After searching for a term, you can repeat the search in Sage, which only searches the library catalog, by selecting it in the advanced search tab to the right of the search bar.

First, which replaces these two search tools, will allow further research. He will search the CSU Library Catalog as well as the repository and digital collections.

Currently, the books, articles and databases, journal titles, reservations and guides tabs are listed above the search bar on the CSU Libraries website. To search for an item in one of these categories, you have to click on it individually. Primo will allow people to perform a single search that will contain results from all of these categories. However, there will always be an option to refine the search in these types of categories.

Another reason for implementing the new integrated library system is that CSU libraries can better interact with other libraries in Colorado and across the country.

“(The new system) is becoming less and less of a Fort Collins campus tool and more of a way to manage things system-wide,” White said.

Currently, CSU shares a library catalog with CSU Pueblo, but the two use different technologies to manage library resources and catalogs. The new integrated library system will give CSU and CSU Pueblo libraries the ability to streamline and manage resources more easily, according to White. She said it will also allow CSU libraries to better manage and exchange resources between Global CSU and universities across the country.

The CSU Libraries website could be shut down on Dec. 22, due to the implementation of the new library system, according to White. After that, people should be able to search for items using the new system.

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