Google and web search make you smarter


Proving what many of us in the research industry have long suspected, a report Today on CNN, searching the web makes you smarter.

Dr. Gary Small, a professor at UCLA, studied the brain activity of two groups of older adults, one with “Web savvy” and one without. The study used MRI technology to measure brain activity when groups were asked to interact with a book page and an Internet search page.

The results?

When using a web search engine, the web-knowing group showed more than twice the brain activity than the technologically challenged group, and this activity occurred in areas of the brain that control the grip. decision making and complex reasoning.

Says Dr. Small:

“There is so much interest in exercising our mind as we get older. One of the results of this study is that not all of these technologies are bad. They can be good for keeping our brains active.

Unfortunately for the major search engines, Dr Small did not say whether one search engine is better for the brain than another.

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