Google injects web search results into YouTube search UI on Android for some users


Google is testing a way to serve web search results in the search UI on YouTube for Android when users search for content in the app. The functionality appears to be a limited test at this time. A user on reddit (spotted by XDA-Developers) posted a screenshot of the change in their app that places a “Web Results” section below the video results.

Picture: u / TheMrIggs (Reddit)

The section provides Google search results and links to related topics just like on the web. Fortunately, the section is placed under the YouTube search results. Interestingly, one user replied to the thread claiming that he was asked to comment on the feature a month ago. The other reactions to this addition on Reddit are mostly negative.

It seems unusual for the company to show web results on the app, as most of the users who search YouTube do not specifically search the web and prefer to use the Google app or search the web. . It’s also not clear whether the company will use the section to display sponsored search ads based on the keywords. The company is already syncing user searches on YouTube and Google.

YouTube also recently announced YouTube Select, a global content solution to help advertisers on the platform reach new audiences. The company may want to increase monetization by adding sponsored Google search results on YouTube, at least for free tier users. Regarding features intended for consumers. the video platform recently added a bedtime reminder feature.

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