How to turn off Bing web search results in the Windows 10 Start menu


Windows 10 has split up Cortana and Windows Search. Search is much better, but it still shows Bing web search results in the results. Usually, when using Windows 10 computers, many don’t like it. In this article, we’ll share how easily you can turn off Bing web search results from the Windows 10 Start menu.

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UPDATE: Windows 10 v2004 and later may need to follow this procedure to turn off Bing search in the Windows 10 Start menu.

Disable Bing web search results in the Windows 10 Start menu

The method we’ll use below contains steps that show you how to modify the registry. Make sure to create a restore point before continuing.

Previously, changing settings on Cortana and changing Group Policy worked fine. However, since Cortana is separate from Windows Search, you can no longer use them. Instead, you will need to modify registry settings to turn off the display of the web search result.

Open Registry Editor by simultaneously pressing Windows + R, typing ‘regedit‘in the’ Run ‘dialog box and press’Enter’.

Go to the following path:


Change the value of these DWORD keys to 0

    • Allow search to use location
    • BingSearch enabled
    • CortanaConsent

Turn off web search in the Start menu

There is a good chance that you will not see the BingSearch enabled Where Allow search to use location DWORD keys. It did not exist in my registry. So I created it.

  • Right click on the right pane when you are in the search folder.
  • Click New> 32-bit DWORD
  • Name the key as BingSearchEnabled / AllowSearchToUseLocation
  • Make sure its value is 0 (zero).

Exit Registry Editor and click the search button on the taskbar. You shouldn’t see the web section here or as you type. Usually, restarting is not necessary, but you can choose to do so if the change is not reflected.

This will also disable Cortana. So if you are planning to use it, there is no other way. I have tried changing the settings one by one, but it doesn’t work. Both must have the same value.

Group Policy Settings

Do not allow Windows 10 Group Policy web search

Interestingly, the related Group Policy configurations are also available. The parameters are:

  • Do not search the web or display web results
  • Do not allow web search

Hope this helps you.

Disable web search in Windows 10

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