Kilgore Gives Final Approval for Police Radio System Upgrade | New

Kilgore City Council has given final approval for a $680,000 project to upgrade the town’s radio communications infrastructure to a new, more modern digital system.

“The objective of this project is to enable inter-communication with all our other partner agencies in the region that are switching to this system. This item will allow us to switch the entire city’s radio system to the enhanced digital system that everyone else will go to,” City Manager Josh Selleck said at the meeting last week.

The council memorandum for the TXWARN radio project states that the town has partnered with the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office to provide critical emergency communications infrastructure to the citizens of Gregg County and the Town of Kilgore. The Gregg County Sheriff’s Office currently operates a 7/800 MHz emergency radio system located at a tower site provided by the Town of Kilgore. In return, the Kilgore Emergency Services will be allowed to use this radio system free of charge.

Kilgore Emergency Services will be required to provide updated radio equipment to utilize this enhanced radio platform, which will allow for an increased range of communications, emergency radio system redundancy and critical interoperability with other vendors. emergency services in the region.

“We want to extend a huge thank you to our partners in Gregg County,” Selleck said. “They partnered with us and saved about $1 million in total costs.”

The project began last year when the city approved a memorandum of understanding, or memorandum of understanding, which states that the city will provide shelter, a generator and a power source for a tower upgrade. radio. The county used grant funds to purchase the actual site equipment.

In return, the Town of Kilgore will be able to use the site to access the enhanced communications system for public safety purposes.

The new system works like a cellular phone network, where the system can find the nearest antenna site and route communications there, allowing for a wider coverage area.

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