New dark web search tool reveals unpleasant but important information for customers


After a basic search query, a major financial institution recently discovered, within seconds, that internal documents had leaked and were circulating on the dark web.

Michael Raypold, Technical Director of Echosec, a British Columbia-based data discovery web platform, couldn’t pinpoint which financial institution it was – we asked – but the search results immediately raised the alarm and prompted the bank staff to control the damage.

“There are so many data breaches on a daily basis, responding to them quickly is invaluable,” Raypold said. TI World Canada, adding that this type of discovery would have taken days with an analyst.

Echosec recently showcased its latest Beacon data discovery platform, and just like its other asset monitoring solutions that roam thousands of websites, blogs, and social media platforms, Beacon offers customers insight. short and secure from the dark web to find out if they’ve been compromised.

A search for arms trafficking yields several results on Beacon. Screenshot submitted by Echosec.

The encrypted nature of the dark web, which can only be accessed with specific software, has been a popular space for hackers to store, share, and sell information. It has been virtually impossible for organizations to search the encrypted network for signs of compromise for their business, and while there is no shortage of shady activity on the World Wide Web, people serious about stealing your information – or frustrated employees seeking revenge, for example – are turning to the dark web to divulge company secrets.

It’s no wonder that corporate clients are suddenly lining up in droves to get their hands on Beacon.

“The demand has been overwhelming,” says Raypold, noting that corporate, retail and security teams are among the first customers to use the software. However, most of these clients are based in the United States and not Canada, despite the fact that Echosec’s head office is in Victoria, British Columbia.

Fast facts:

  • A search conducted on April 2, 2019 found 42,272 instances of hacker data using the keyword “Canadian”
  • A drug search yielded 1,329 firearm hits and 593 firearm hits, respectively.
  • Beacon says it found 1,310 results for PIN (Personally Identifiable Information) codes on April 2.

“The customers we are targeting for Beacon are in the financial and retail industry. And Canada certainly has a great local financial industry, but the biggest companies in those sectors are in the United States. So we are trying to commercialize this, ”says Raypold.

A UK-based partner is also helping Echosec market and distribute in this region.

Right now, Echosec is focused on growing its SaaS platform through its subscription service – customers can sign up for a one-year corporate license – and helping customers with l API integration. Echosec as a platform partners with social media providers like Twitter, but not Beacon.

Raypold is very open to the idea of ​​partnering with other companies to deploy the software in other regions, or that these partners integrate their own solutions around Beacon. Right now, he says there is a partner that Echosec is marking the technology in white for.

“At the moment, we are focusing on the SaaS model. “

Echosec, which is only five years old, saw 300% year-over-year growth last year.

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