UW System is looking for a new System President


UW Oshkosh’s UW System President Research Listening Sessions enabled students, staff and faculty to contribute to the search process for the new UW System President.

“Your voice, your ideas and your input are an extremely valuable part of the research process,” Chancellor Andy Leavitt said in an email to the university community.

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UW System Acting President Tommy Thompson spoke about his political career and the future of Wisconsin public universities on Wednesday night at UW Oshkosh. Thompson was on campus for the UW System board meeting this week. This is the first time in seven years that the UWO has welcomed regents. A search for a new System President is underway and listening sessions were held at UWO on September 27th.

Current president Tommy Thompson has held an interim position since July 1, 2020, after succeeding Ray Cross who served for six years from February 2014 to June 2020. Thompson is now stepping down and a search committee has been formed to the search for the eighth president. of the University of Wisconsin system.

The chairman of the board of the UW system, Edmund Manydeeds III, tasked the committee with its mission to begin the national research, which was convened on August 20, 2021.

Multiple sessions were held at the 13 universities and UWO sessions were held on September 27, with two separate sessions: one for faculty members and students and one for academic staff and academic staff. .

“Absolutely unequivocal this is the biggest crowd we’ve had and you are the 11th campus I’ve been to in two weeks,” said Regent Vice President Karen Walsh. “Thank you very much for your commitment. “

The search and selection committee is made up of people chosen to represent each of the campuses around the UW system, as well as community members.

Members of the UWO session included Walsh, UWO Associate Professor of Biology Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, Regent Robert Atwell, Regent Amy Blumenfeld Bogost and the Senior Equity, Diversity and inclusion Warren Anderson.

The full list of regents is available here: https://www.wisconsin.edu/regents/about-the-regents/.

This committee is the first to see applications as they come in. The deadline for applications is October 15th. Subsequent applications will be accepted until the end of October if there is sufficient time and availability to review them.

The committee will then meet and review their assessments of the people who applied and discuss who will be invited to a semi-finalist interview.

Interviews with the semi-finalists will be scheduled for November, and once this process is complete, the search and screening committee will meet again for the last time. They will choose a group of people to move to the next level.

The search committee will form a small group of seven regents, the Special Regent Committee, chaired by Manydeeds. Their job is to echo the process that was used to hire former Presidents Cross and Riley and name the running finalists. When a person reaches the finalist stage, their names will be made public, as required by law.

Once the finalists are chosen, they will meet with a group of voters to show how they work with all kinds of people.

Once this process is complete, the Special Regents Committee will meet to discuss who it will recommend for the Council of Regents final vote.

“This hiring, hiring of the president of the system and also of the chancellor, is the responsibility of the regents,” said Walsh. “We take this very seriously, which is why we are here today at the start of this process, essentially giving you a place at the table where we hear you. Our committee can use your input to assess applicants as they arrive.

Walsh believes regents will vote behind closed doors no later than February for the new chairman of the system.

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