What Travel Stocks To Consider After The Pandemic Based On Web Research Trends


Americans tired by the pandemic are looking for places to escape on vacation as more people get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Yellowstone has exploded in a way it’s never seen before and you can kind of see it in the hottest destinations,” SimilarWeb’s Alisha Kapur told Yahoo Finance Live. Kapur is the leading travel industry consultant at SimilarWeb, an analytics company that tracks millions of web clicks daily to determine potential investment trends for paying customers. “People are really looking for safe outdoor open spaces and Yellowstone and other national parks are offering this so you can see from consumer research trends that national parks are a priority for most consumers, especially that they are looking for safe, comfortable, remote places to get around. “

SimilarWeb tells customers that the top five getaway searches are Yellowstone National Park, Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios Florida, and the Grand Canyon.

Among the search winners in the post-pandemic travel reopening trade, Airbnb (ABNB), which recorded 49 million searches in January. That was 15 million more than the VRBO finalist who clicked 34 million. The only traditional accommodation “provider” in SimilarWeb data to do the top five searches was Marriott (MAR) at 17 million.

“I think alternative housing will sort of maintain this strong recovery that they have had over the next few months,” Kapur said. But she adds that traditional hotel chains like Hilton (HLT) and Hyatt (H) “are doing a lot to win back consumer trust, they have a lot of deals, they really, really try to make calls to action. their loyal consumer base. “

Getting there is half the fun

Passenger traffic through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints at airports across the country continues to improve, according to Savanthi Syth, airline analyst Raymond James. She recently told her customers: “On Thursday, February 25, passenger numbers crossed one million, which had only been seen on weekends or holiday periods since the start of the pandemic.”

Syth said domestic demand started to recover two weeks ago, writing: “Delta has seen a significant increase in travel demand, linked to both short-term bookings and summer bookings (that’s that is, the reservation curve has started to lengthen). This is similar to Southwest’s comment. , as well as our recent weekly checks showing that domestic demand is improving even outside of peak holiday / weekend periods. “

“Southwestern airlines remain the favorites of the United States and have outperformed their peers due to their focus on domestic routes” which airlines call visiting friends and relatives, SimilarWeb said.

According to SimilarWeb, SouthWest (LUV) recorded 62% more web visits than United States (AAL) Delta (DAL) and United (UAL). Kapur said, “Southwest will continue to be the most successful airline in the short term, until more international destinations reopen to Americans.”

Lamar Villere, partner and portfolio manager at Villere and Co., said consumer behavior is returning faster than expected, especially in companies exposed to consumer discretionary spending.

“Maybe they book a few months, some book earlier, some book later, but people are booking things. People are going out of the house and looking for ways to spend their money right now,” said Villere.

The post-pandemic cruise still docked

Among major cruise lines, SimilarWeb said Carnival (CCL) performed 4 million searches in January, twice as many as rivals Royal Caribbean (RCL) and Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH) which had 2 million each. But SimilarWeb is telling customers that overall cruise search traffic remains depressed.

“We’re still seeing continued traffic to info pages, cancellation pages and really pages where consumers don’t necessarily book on site,” Kapur said. Carnival recently pushed back the suspension of operations until May 31, with other cruise lines following suit. Kapur predicts continued volatility in the cruise industry for the next few months with a possible recovery this summer.

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