Yahoo closes the first AltaVista web search engine


Yesterday, Yahoo Inc. sent to the Internet graveyard to rest alongside, the almost everything ordering company, and the Butler from Ask Jeeves. The once popular search engine lost ground with the rise of Google and was bought in 2003 by Yahoo !, which retained the brand but based all AltaVista searches on its own search engine.

AltaVista was launched in 1995, three years before Google Inc. was founded. Eclipsed by Google in the early 2000s, the AltaVista star had already vanished by the time Yahoo acquired it as part of its $ 1.7 billion purchase of Overture Services Inc. in July 2003. Overture had purchased AltaVista earlier that year from Massachusetts-based CMGI Inc.


Yahoo announced the fate of AltaVista on its Tumblr page at the end of last month. Research expert Danny Sullivan compared AltaVista to a clever child neglected by his parents.

“You were loved. You really were, ”Sullivan wrote in a blog post praising the site. “People didn’t want to leave you. But despite the addition of new features, some of which were copied by Google, you couldn’t keep up with the pace and innovation of this company, which decided not to become a portal like your corporate masters have. ordered for you.

Indeed, AltaVista’s decline began after it expanded to be more like Yahoo, offering a host of online services instead of just research. By the time the site changed course, it was too late. Its finances were crumbling and Google was on the rise.

Yahoo’s June 28 announcement of the end of AltaVista is brief. It is buried as the eighth item on a list of other services the company is in the process of shutting down. In addition to mentioning AltaVista’s July 8 expiration date, the message only says, “Please visit Yahoo Search for all your search needs.” “

According to data from online research company comScore, most people in the United States use Google for their search needs, followed by Microsoft’s Bing. Yahoo is in third place.

Source: 9News

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